As you may (or may not, I ain’t judging) know, Azure uses 2 sets of roles for permission management – Azure AD Roles to […]
Shopping IL (AKA “Israeli Black Friday invented by Google”) came and went, and with it, a sizeable part of my income. I did only […]
Another day, another Azure post.Logs are love, logs are life, and most of all, logs can be a real pain to manage, stream, store, […]
I haven’t written here in a while, but I promise I have a good reason.I started a new job mid-October as a Microsoft Certified […]
Windows Terminal
You may or may not have heard about the Windows Terminal, it’s been out of Preview for a couple of months and is gaining […]
Microsoft Active Directory
As you’re well aware I’m definitely an AD person. Sure, with such a complex system it’s just a matter of time until you go […]
Microsoft Active Directory
Ah, good old Repadmin, it’s been a friend of mine since I started managing multi-DC Active Directory environments. It’s a very handy tool for […]
It’s been quite some time since my last post, I’ve had a lot of work on my plate and now I’m finally able to […]
Google Cloud
Syncronization is key in all organizations, and that’s especially true when we’re talking about hybrid setups. Active Directory has, for the most part, been […]
Microsoft Active Directory
Auditing (tracking & reviewing) changes in your environment is important for internal accountability, remaining compliant with regulation and a variety of other reasons. The […]